Jardinería Salas Pollensa

At Jardinería Salas Pollensa, as a small family business we like to have our clients well informed at all times of the new services which we are slowly introducing and widening.

We have all types of equipment to carry gardening work, pruning and swimming pool maintenence with maximum guarantees.

In this case here are offering you some information about our bio-shredder with which we can clean plots of land and fincas for security reasons or because of certain times of year when we can’t set fires. this machine allows us to shred braches from up to 10cm in diameter and the end result is so fine that it is then possible to leave on the land as a type of ecological fertilizer or if the client so wishes then it can be taken away.

With this we save on our clients costs because it is then much quicker and cheaper than having to transport the vegetable waste to another site where it can be burned without difficulty.

If you need this service we are at your complete disposition.

Jardinería Salas Pollensa